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Publikasi Jurnal Ilmiah Internasional:

  • J.M. Aroca, A. Lladó, and Slamin, On the ascending subgraph decomposition problem for bipartite graphs, Discrete Mathematics Vol. 46 (1) (2014), pp. 19-26.
  • A. Ahmad, S. A. Bokhary, R. Hasni, and Slamin, Total vertex irregularity strength of ladder related graphs, Sci.Int. (Lahore) Vol. 26 (1) (2014), pp. 1-5.
  • I. Javaid, A. Ismail, M. Salman, A. Ahmad, and Slamin, Labeling of Chordal Rings, Utilitas Mathematica, Vol. 90 (2013) pp. 61-75.
  • Mirka Miller, Joe Ryan, Edy Tri Baskoro, and Slamin, Construction Techniques for Digraphs with Minimum Diameter, Combinatorial Algorithms Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol 8288 (2013) pp 327-336.
  • M. T. Rahim and Slamin, Vertex-magic total labeling of the union of suns, Ars Combinatoria Vol 103 (2012) 305-310.
  • Slamin, Dafik, and Wyse Winnona, Total Vertex Irregularity Strength of the Disjoint Union of Sun Graphs, International Journal of Combinatorics., Vol. 2012 (PDF File)
  • Dafik, M Mirka, J Ryan, M Bača, Super edge-antimagic total labelings of mKn,n, Ars Combinatoria, Vol. 101 (2011) 97-107.
  • Ali Ahmad, K.M. Awan, Imran Javaid and Slamin, Total vertex irregularity strength of wheel related graphs, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics Vol.51 (2011) 147 – 156.
  • M Bača, Dafik, M Mirka, J Ryan, Antimagic labeling of disjoint union of s-crowns, Utilitas Mathematica, Vol. 79 (2009) 193-205.
  • Dafik, M Mirka, J Ryan, M Bača, On super (a, d)-edge-antimagic total labeling of disconnected graphs, Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 309 (15) (2009). 4909-4915.
  • M. Hussain; E. T. Baskoro; Slamin, On super edge-magic total labeling of banana trees, Utilitas Math., Vol. 79 (2009), 243-251.
  • D. R. Silaban; A. Parestu; B.N. Herawati; K.A. Sugeng; Slamin, Vertex magic total labeling of unions of generalized Petersen graphs and unions of special circulant graphs, Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing Vol 71 (2009), 201 – 207.
  • Dafik, M Mirka, J Ryan, and M Bača, Antimagic labeling of the union of stars, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 42 (2008) 35-44.
  • Dafik, Mirka Miller, Joe Ryan and Martin Baca, On antimagic labelings of disjoint union of complete s– partite graphs, Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, Vol. 65 (2008) 41 – 50.
  • M.T. Rahim; Slamin, Most wheel related graphs are not vertex magic, Utilitas Mathematica Vol. 77 (2008) 193 – 199.
  • K. Wijaya; Slamin, Total vertex irregular labelings of wheels, fans, suns and friendship graph, Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing Vol. 65 (2008) 103 – 112.
  • M.T. Rahim; I. Tomescu; Slamin, On vertex-magic total labeling of some wheel related graphs, Utilitas Mathematica, Vol. 73 (2007) pp. 97 – 104.
  • I. Tomescu; I. Javaid; Slamin, On the partition dimension and connected partition dimension of wheels, Ars Combinatoria, Vol. 84 (2007) pp. 311 – 318.
  • Slamin; A.C. Prihandoko; T.B. Setiawan; F. Rosita; B. Shaleh, Vertex-magic total labelings of disconnected graphs, Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics, Vol. 2 (2006) pp. 147-156. (PDF File)
  • Baca, M.; Baskoro, E. T.; Cholily, Y. M.; Jendrol, S.; Lin, Y.; Miller, M.; Ryan, J.; Simanjuntak, R.; Slamin; Sugeng, K. A., Conjectures and open problems on face antimagic evaluations of graphs, J. Indones. Math. Soc. 11 (2005), no. 2, 175–192. (PDF File)
  • Wijaya, K.; Slamin; Surahmat; Jendrol, S., Total vertex irregular labeling of complete bipartite graphs, JCMCC 55 (2005), pp. 129-136.
  • Miller, Mirka; Patel, Deval; Ryan, Joe; Sugeng, Kiki A.; Slamin; Tuga, Mauritsius, Exclusive sum labeling of graphs, J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. 55 (2005), pp. 137-148.
  • Balbuena, C.; Barker, E.; Das, K. C.; Lin, Y.; Miller, M.; Ryan, J.; Slamin; Sugeng, K.; Tkac, M., On the degrees of a strongly vertex-magic graph, Discrete Math.306 (2006), no. 6, pp. 539-551.
  • K.A. Sugeng, M. Miller, Slamin and M. Baca, (a,d)-Edge-Antimagic Total Labelings of Caterpillars, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 3330 (J. Akiyama, E.T. Baskoro, M. Kano (eds)) 2005 pp. 169-180.
  • Y. Lin, Slamin, M. Baca, and Mirka Miller, On d-antimagic labelings of prisms, Ars Combinatoria Vol. 72 (2004) pp.65-76 .
  • Y. Lin, Slamin, Mirka Miller, On d-antimagic labelings of antiprisms, Utilitas Mathematica 64 (2003), pp. 213-220.
  • M. Baca, F. Bertault, J.A. MacDougall, Mirka Miller, Rinovia Simanjuntak, and Slamin, Vertex-antimagic total labelings of graphs, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory Vol.23 No.1 (2003) pp. 67 – 83. (PDF File)
  • Baca, M., Miller, M. and Slamin, Vertex-magic total labelings of generalized Petersen graphs, Int. J. of Computer Mathematics, Vol.79, Issue 12, (2002) pp.1259-1264.
  • Slamin, M. Baca, Y. Lin, Mirka Miller and Rinovia Simanjuntak, Edge-magic total labelings of wheels, fans and friendship graphs, Bulletin of ICA 35 (2002) pp. 89 – 98.
  • J. A. McDougall, Mirka Miller, Slamin and W. D. Wallis, Vertex-magic total labelings of graphs, Utilitas Math, 61 (2002) pp. 3 – 21.
  • H. Nagamochi, Mirka Miller and Slamin, Bounds on the number of isolates in sum graph labeling, Discrete Mathematics 240 (2001) pp. 175 – 185.
  • Slamin and Mirka Miller, On two conjectures concerning vertex magic total labelings of generalized Petersen graphs, Bulletin of ICA 32 (2001) pp. 9-16.
  • M. Baca, J. A. McDougall, Mirka Miller, Slamin and W. D. Wallis, On certain valuations of graphs, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory Vol 20 No 2 (2000) pp. 219 – 229. (PDF File)
  • W. D. Wallis, E. T. Baskoro, Mirka Miller and Slamin, Edge-magic total labelings, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 22 (2000) pp. 177-190. (PDF File)
  • Mirka Miller, J. Gimbert, J. Siran and Slamin, Almost Moore digraphs are diregular, Discrete Mathematics 218 No.1-3 (2000) pp. 265-270.
  • Slamin and Mirka Miller, Sum graph labellings and related problems, MIHMIVol. 6 No. 1 (2000) pp. 35-45.
  • Mirka Miller and Slamin, On the monotonicity of minimum diameter with respect to order and maximum out-degree, Proceedings of COCOON 2000Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1858 (D.-Z. Du, P. Eades, V. Estivill-Castro, X. Lin (eds.)) (2000) pp. 193-201.
  • Mirka Miller, J. Ryan, Slamin, and W.F. Smyth, Labelling wheels for minimum sum number, JCMCC 28 (1998) pp. 289-297.
  • M. Sutton, Mirka Miller, J. Ryan, and Slamin, Connected graphs which are not mod sum graphs, Discrete Mathematics (195) 1-3 (1999) pp. 287-293.
  • Mirka Miller, J. Ryan and Slamin, Integral sum numbers of the cocktail party graphs and the symmetric complete bipartite graphs, Bulletin of ICA 25, (1999) pp. 23-28.

Publikasi Proceeding Konferensi Internasional:

  • Slamin, Diregularity of large directed graphs, Proceedings of the 5th Asian Mathematical Conference, Vol. I (2009), 465 – 470.
  • Miller, M., Ryan, J., Slamin, Sugeng, K. and Tuga, M., Open problems in exclusive sum graph labelingProceedings of the Fourteenth Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (2003) pp.125-130.
  • Mirka Miller, H. M. Nguyen and Slamin, Construction techniques for diregular and non-diregular large directed networks, Proceedings of 13th Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (2002) pp. 85 – 96.
  • Slamin, E. T. Baskoro and Mirka Miller, Diregularity of digraphs of out-degree three and order two less than Moore bound, Proceedings of 12th Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (2001) pp. 164 – 173.
  • M. Baca, Mirka Miller, and Slamin, Every generalized Petersen graph has a vertex-magic total labeling, Proceedings of Eleventh Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (2000) pp. 1-6.
  • Lin, Y., Miller, M., Simanjuntak, R. and Slamin, Magic and antimagic labelings of wheels, Proceedings of Eleventh Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (2000) pp.67-74.
  • Mirka Miller, J. A. McDougall, Slamin and W. D. Wallis, Problems in magic total labellings, Proceedings of Tenth Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms, (1999) pp. 19-25.
  • Slamin and Mirka Miller, Open problems in sum and integral sum graph labellings, Proceedings of Eight Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (1997) pp. 71-75.
  • M. Sutton, Mirka Miller, J. Ryan, and Slamin, Open problems in mod sum graphs, Proceedings of Eight Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms(1997) pp. 76-78.

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