The 2nd ICCGANT 2018

The Second International Conference on Combinatorics,
Graph Theory, and Network Topology 2018

Editor in Chief of International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and
Network Topology 2018

We would like to express our gratitude to all participant who were joining “The Second
International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Network Topology
(ICCGANT)”. It is the 2
nd International conference held by the CGANT Research Group held
by University of Jember in cooperation with Indonesian Combinatorics Society
(INACOBMS) on 24-25 November 2018. The conference is held to welcome participants
from many countries, with broad and diverse research interests of mathematics especially
combinatorical study. The mission is to become an annual international forum in the future,
where, civil society organization and representative, research students, academics and
researchers, scholars, scientist, teachers and practitioners from all over the world could meet
in and exchange an idea to share and to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about
mathematics and its applications. The aim of the second conference is to present and discuss
the latest research that contributes to the sharing of new theoretical, methodological and
empirical knowledge and a better understanding in the area mathematics, application of
mathematics as well as mathematics education. The themes of this conference are as follows:
(1) Connection of distance to other graph properties, (2) Degree/diameter problem, (3)
Distance-transitive and distance-regular graphs, (4) Metric dimension and related parameters,
(5) Cages and eccentric graphs, (6) Cycles and factors in graphs, (7) Large graphs and
digraphs, (8) Spectral Techniques in graph theory, (9) Ramsey numbers, (10) Dimensions of
graphs, (11) Communication networks, (12) Coding theory, (13) Cryptography, (14) Rainbow
connection, (15) Graph labelings and coloring, (16) Applications of graph theory. The topics
are not limited to the above themes but they also include the mathematical application
research of interest in general including mathematics education, such as: (1) Applied
Mathematics and Modelling, (2) Applied Physics: Mathematical Physics, Biological Physics,
Chemistry Physics, (3) Applied Engineering: Mathematical Engineering, Mechanical
engineering, Informatics Engineering, Civil Engineering, (4) Statistics and Its Application,
(5) Pure Mathematics (Analysis, Algebra and Geometry), (6) Mathematics Education, (7)
Literacy of Mathematics, (8) The Use of ICT Based Media In Mathematics Teaching and
Learning, (9) Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics,
(10) Students Higher Order Thinking Skill of Mathematics, (11) Contextual Teaching and
Realistic Mathematics, (12) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Approach,
(13) Local Wisdom Based Education: Ethnomathematics, (14) Showcase of Teaching and
Learning of Mathematics, (16) The 21st Century Skills: The Integration of 4C Skill in